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A proven product lifecycle process that delivers winning products from idea to launch

We have developed a product process over the decades of our experience designing and launching products and services across many industries. It has taken on a life of it’s own and we want to give it away to anyone who is looking to improve the way they go from idea to launch.

“We were stalled in our efforts to launch our bootstrap startup trying to put our offering together and trying to include everything. The Simple Drive Lifecycle immediate helped us see the priorities to focus on and understand how to launch successfully.” 

– Roger G. | Health Tech Startup Founder

There are so many “systems” out there that have been conceptualized to build software and applications so we developed a process that can deliver anything:

  • Services
  • Events and experiences
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Business Strategy
  • Non-Profit Fundraising

Anything that can be sold!

We will email you a copy of out complete product lifecycle and you can start using it in your organization right now.

What is the Simple Drive Lifecycle?

We started with core values to how we wanted to be able to turn ideas into real products

Fast: It needs to enable fast moving teams. Markets, technology, and people change quickly so you need to move fast to win. You also need to know what will and won’t work as soon as possible so you know where to point your resources.

Flexible: As priorities change stakeholders need to be able to speak into the lifecycle and make any changes through the entire process without stalling production and wasting resources.

Focused: Everyone involved will know the strategic vision, what they need to be doing tactically, and how it all comes together.

We then developed a system of phases, each with its own backlog, and a template for what we called phase exit requirements. This allows the work to be completed at each phase and then be pushed to the next phase right when it’s needed. This also create an opportunity to be flexible and not re-prioritize without disruption.